Both touchdowns were against the blitz. Defensive coordinator Dick Nolan didn't wave a magic wand or make any major changes. His guys just did a better job staying in position and making tackles, especially Barber. But we don want to do it if we don feel comfortable with the guys we putting in there. All three are walk ons. Kulick (Muscatine) and Ross (Humboldt) began their careers at Iowa as linebackers..
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If I have a choice of typing "Weather in XXXXX zip" in the address bar vs. Asking an assistant, I choose the former. That is one of the reasons I hated Alexa. If you picture a hedge that is trimmed neatly in a formal fashion, raspberries are not for you. They have a blowsy, unkempt look at the best of times and every two years need to be cut down heavily to regenerate fruiting canes. But it is hard to beat fresh raspberries!.
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